Branching: Skilling a few slides for state specific course

Sep 02, 2014

I'm building a large Storyline course that involves various US states. The user clicks the state they are in (such as California) and the corresponding slides for that state should show up. Here is my question...most of the slides for all the states are the same except for a few. How can I build the branching of the course where, for example, a California user doesn't see a particular slide(s) but does see the rest of the in-common state slides. I don't want to duplicate the in-common slides for each state and create this one massive course just because of a few slides. Is there a way...I'm pretty new at branching so please use layman's terms

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Maggie,

What you'll want to do is use a variable to track this - and you'll need a variable for each of the states that has special slides/skips slides. So for example, if you're setting this up you'd want to attach a trigger to the "California" button to adjust the variable (let's call it FromCA) from false to true when the user clicks that button. On the slide you want to skip, you'll want to add a trigger to jump to the next slide when the timeline starts on the condition that the variable FromCA is equal to True. 

Similar if you want the user to go to a particular slide - you'd set up the trigger to go to slide 2.2 Specifics of Cali when the user clicks the (blank) button on the condition that FromCA is true. 

You may want to begin by reviewing this article on working with variables, and this article on setting up triggers. 

Hope that helps! 

Maggie Nikodem

Thank you Ashley that helped a lot and I was able to figure it out based on your information.  If I may ask another questions.

Is there a way to better organize the Resources documents in the Player?  Currently I have one long list of documents that every user, regardless of the state they are in, sees.  Is there a way to 1) either restrict the California users from seeing Texas documents, for example or if not 2) is there a way to organize the documents in folders.  So California users can click on a CA folder under Resources and all the CA documents appear, Texas users click on the TX folder under Resources and all Texas documents appear etc..

Thank you,


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

HI Maggie,

Unfortunately there isn't a way to make the resources specific to where each user is from or force the documents into folders. Each user will access the course through the same player and those elements can't be modified with the use of variables. 

If you'd like only specific states to see specific things, you could place them on a slide and use the same variable method to show the slide only based on where the user is from. 

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