Branching slides stacking right to left

Mar 20, 2021

Hi - I have a slide with a dial triggering to 10 topics. Each topic has from 1 to 6 slides. The slide numbers are sequential (say dial slide is slide #1, topic 1 has slides 2-5, topic 2 has slides 6 - 8, etc.

In Story view, the topics stack backwards - that is topic 10's slides are on the left side of the 'tree' and the first topic on the right.

The menu is fine but it makes me crazy trying to deal with the backward view - I even imported into a brand new story file, one topic at a time and it still is backwards. The topics do not 'talk' to each other - only to the dial slide.

Any suggestions as to what is going on?

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Ren Gomez

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for reaching out! Do you have your topics organized as scenes in Story View? While a bit older, the second video in the article below shares tips on ordering your scenes sequentially.

Let me know if that helps, or if you need additional troubleshooting, our Support Team can lend a hand with your .story file!

Jennifer Clarke

Hi Ren - got caught up in other projects and didn't see your response. The issue isn't scenes - it's groups of slides within a scene being triggered by a dial. I did a video showing the issue. Like I say in the video, the menu shows them in the correct order but it makes the workflow annoying. I've rebuilt the scene several times and every time it's the same. Cheers, J

Ren Gomez

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for sharing that screenshot and video to help explain what you're seeing. It looks like this isn't the first time users have brought up this topic. Take a look at this discussion for some further insight.

It seems the order may have more to do with the organization of the triggers on your slides. I tried a similar cut/paste in my own sample file, and the order appeared as expected from left to right. 

As you mentioned, it doesn't affect the player menu nor the learner, but more from an authoring point of view.