Variables / Trigger Not Routing Correctly -- Storyline 2 (Help Please!)

I am creating a "choose your own adventure" training module -- it has some branching: 

Slide 1: Choose Between 2 topics

Slide 2 (for both topics): Choose Between 4 sub topics

Slide 3 (for both topics): Setup (Both Topics from Slide 1 route to this slide)

Slide 4 (for both topics): Choose to review slides or choose to review 2 videos

At the end of the review slides or the videos, it should route back to the main page for the topic the learner selected on Slide 1 -- even though both main topics route the same set of slides on the Set-Up topic (Slide 3).  I have set trigger for the NEXT button and when timeline ends to return to Slide 2 for Topic 1 if Topic 1 is set to True and to return to Slide 2 for Topic 2 if Topic 2 is set to True.  I can get the routing to work correctly for returning to Topic 1 without any issue, but even though I have mirrored the routing for Topic 2, it continuously returns to Topic 1.  I have tried to set OR conditions, such as when Topic 1 is True or Topic 2 is False.  That did not work.  I have set it that Topic 1 is TRUE upon a click and Topic 2 is FALSE. 

None of this has worked.  I was trying to avoid having the exact same content twice in the project, since for both Topic 1 and 2, the set-up is exactly the same.  I have spent more hours on this than I would like to admit, so any help on this would be appreciated. 


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