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Jul 11, 2013

I have 5 modules built into one course.  Depending on the user group you will select a different start menu but branch to the same content; however when clicking the next button at the end of the shared content each user group needs to go back to their unique start page... I am thinking you could do this with Variables on the Next button but I am not sure how to accomplish this.  Can someone help me out.

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Antony Snow

Hi Sherry,

I'm envisaging that your course has a landing page that asks the user to select their user group first and their selection will determine which menu they see?

You could create a True/False variable for each user group (for example 'Admin', 'Customer Service' and 'Sales') and set the default value to False. Then add a series of triggers on the landing page that would change these to True if the user clicks on their respective group i.e. Jump to slide 'Admin menu' when the user clicks on 'Admin Group'.

Then, on the 'next' button at the end of the shared content, you could add a trigger to jump to the 'Admin menu' when the user clicks 'next' on condition that the variable 'Admin' equals True etc.


Sherry Rose

Hi Antony.  Thank you for your quick reply.... Just to clarify to ensure what you say will work this is the scenario:  1. Course Welcome/Objectives -> 2. Select a User Group -> 3. Land on a unique User Group menu where there are a number of buttons, i.e. Add, Modify, Delete.  Each of these buttons go to a specific video on these tasks.  These videos are sometimes shared by other groups. 

So User Group 1 (UG1) clicks the Add button on their unique menu and it goes to the  shared Video.  At the end of the video UG1 clicks the Next button available to go back to their unique button driven menu, UG2 clicks the Next button and they go back to their specific button menu.

In some cases 5 different groups (clicking their unique menu button) will view the same video.

So I put the variable 'False' on the Add Modify Delete buttons on each  UG menu and add 5 unique 'True' variables on the video's Next button?  Is this right?

Could I bother you for the exact variable text that I would use?  Many thanks.

Antony Snow

Hi Sherry,

I thought it was probably easier to provide you with a demo of how my explanation would work.

As you can see, there is the option for the user to select their user group and by clicking either of the 3 buttons, the respective variable changes from False to True - I have also added further triggers to disable the remaining buttons once the user has made their selection to avoid them selecting another user group and therefore changing 2 variables to True.

On each menu for each user group, I have only enabled the 'Add' button but each instance directs the user to the same 'content' slide. On this slide, I have added the triggers to the 'next' button to jump back to the correct menu based on the values of the 3 variables.

I hope this makes things a bit clearer, but please post back if anything is unclear.


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