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Aug 05, 2012

Hi everyone,

I would like to create a breadcrumb navigation to help learners see what section of the course they are in and also provide an easy way to jump to specific section as desired. Ideally, the breadcrumb would auto-update based on the current page with hyperlinks to each section. Perhaps another way to state this request is; replicate the Menu items as a breadcrumb navigation.

Please point me to any appropriate tutorial or suggestions on how to set this up.

Thank you,

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David Anderson

Hi Daniel-

That level of dynamic navigation isn't currently possible. It might be possible with the API, but we'll have to wait until after that's available.

One way you could achieve that would be to create a series of slide master layouts with the breadcrumb navigation hard coded into each layout. 

If that option sounds feasible, let me know and I'll round up some examples for you.


David Anderson

Cool. I'm glad the slide layout option should work for you.

Here are a few resources that should get you started. If you find anything missing or have more questions, just let us know.

Using and Creating Storyline Templates (general info on SL's templates)

Keeping object states persistent across slides - (Slide layouts)

Keeping object states persistent across slides - (Variables)

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