Change State to Visited when slides x - xx have been viewed

Jan 25, 2013

I am thinking, thinking how to do this in Storyline. Here's what I have:

Main Slide with 3 shapes that link to 3 different scenes. The States are set so that the Visited state shows a check on the shape. That works great.

However, in each section I have navigation breadcrumb nav buttons that allow the learner to jump to another section. For example, a learner chooses Section 2 from the Main Slide. Section 2 is 5 slides. On slide 3, the learner decides to jump to Section 3 by clicking the breadcrumb nav button (or the learner can also click on the Menu to jump around). Well, when you go back to the Main Slide, Section 3 doesn't have a checkmark because it was not Visited on that slide.

What variables/triggers can I use to change the Visited state of the button? The challenge is that I have to be on the Main Slide to alter the shape on that slide.

Does this make any sense? If you get this, share with me your ideas on how to accomplish this, please.

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sandie coco

Okay... I created a numeric variable called Section1 and set it to 0. Then on each slide in Section 1 I have it set to Add 1 when User Clicks the Next button. It's working, however, there are some slides that advance automatically so the user doesn't have to click Next. And, if the User goes back and clicks Next on the same slide, it will add 1 again.

I wish the Variables had an OR option so that I could create a trigger that states Add 1 to variable Section1 when User Clicks Next OR when the timeline ends.

eLearning Development


If there are only three sections could you use variables that change when you reach the first page of each section? Or do they have to view each page for you to consider it visited?

I can see a variable turning to true when the section page comes up and then that variable changes the state of your checkmark  when the title slide comes up if variable = true.

I hope I am understanding your question.


sandie coco

Thanks Tim.

I tried your suggestion but the button state is not changing. The variable is acting correctly because I have it displayed on the slide so I can see it.

I'm noticing that when you have a slide locked down but open navigation, the learner can still click on the menu to get off the slide, whereas if they clicked Next, it would show a layer that states you must click each section to continue.

Is there a way to include the menu in variables? Or is there a way to lock down only a few slides but still have open navigation?

sandie coco

I'm still trying to get this to work. Here's what I have thus far:

A variable for Section1 that is set to false. A trigger set to change Section1 variable to true once the User clicks Next on the first slide of that section. I can see the variables since I have it displayed on the slide. The variable is working correctly.

The problem is that the button state on the Main Menu (which is earlier in the course) does not change States even with the variable being correct.

sandie coco

I have figured this out. Something about posting your question in public and admitting you need help makes your brain work smarter.

My problem was with the trigger on the Main Menu slide. I needed the trigger to "trigger" when the Timeline Started instead of when the variable changed.

I had this:

Change state of Section1 to Visited when Variable Changes...

(I was thinking that it would change when the variable changed, but that's not really logical now that I've thought about it)

What worked was:

Change state of Section1 to Visited when Timeline Starts if Section1 is true.

I can now enjoy my happy hour!

David Tappenden

Hi Wendy!

Here is a super basic example.

So I have 4 slides... on the first slide (menu), if you select 'slide 2' using the tick box, if you then click the next button on each of the following slides until the end. You can then select the home button.

On the menu, only the 'slide 2' tick boxed is ticked.

I want it so that if the user visits a slide (2,3,5), but not via the menu, it will automatically change the state of the corresponding tick boxes on the menu slide.



Wendy Farmer

Hi David

see if the attached works how you want. 

I created a T/F variable for each slide (default to False) and used in triggers on the timeline start of each slides 2,3,4. On the main slide I added a trigger to change the state of the rectangles to visited if the corresponding variable = true.

Hope that helps

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