Broken or Not? Audio Muting Using Slide Master

Jan 07, 2015

I'm setting up my presentation so that my slide master has two audio icons (one to turn sound on and the other to turn sound off). I've managed to have these graphics show or hide based on clicking only after I had to give up on making them appear on slide layers.

The only problem now is that I need a graphic telling users that the audio will be silent or will be on for the NEXT slide since the audio doesn't actually mute on the current slide (because slide master doesn't have a designation for "current slide") and it doesn't actually play for the current slide because there is no way to restart the "current slide" either.

So, I want to create a graphic telling the user that the audio will pause or resume after they click Next but can't use the base layer of the slide master because the message will be obscured, so I am forced to try again to use the slide layers but can't get them to appear based on clicking or true/false. I assume I do need to put these triggers on the base layer rather than the slider layers (which I had done at first) but it doesn't work either way. I'm thinking I may need to just reinstall Storyline. I dunno.

Can anyone try to get an audio on and audio off graphic or a text warning to appear on a slider layer on the slide master or is my Storyline just broken?

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