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I'm finalizing a presentation to publish on Articulate Online; the course is in Storyline 2. However, I'm having problems with both Firefox and IE browsers. When I published the content for review, it works great with Chrome but has numerous lock ups and other problems with the other two browsers. We use this for a licensing renewal training course and exam so I cannot afford to have any glitches. Any suggestions?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Rocky -- So sorry to hear you are having difficulties! Just so you have it readily available, here is a ink to our System Requirements info. And as this will be hosted on an LMS, have you tested your published output on the SCORM Cloud in various browsers to see how it behaves?

If you would like to provide your file, we can do some testing for you on our end, as well. 

Rocky Carlisle

Thank you for the prompt reply Christie. Here is the link to the file on the Articulate server since it is too large (224mb) to send via email. As always, thank you for the assistance!

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Rocky -- Thank you for providing a link to the published output, and if you wouldn't mind, could you please also use this link to send me your .story file itself? I'd like to publish it on my machine and test it in a variety of browsers to see what I find. 

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