Buffering of videos in flash version


I have a course with 11 slides and 1 video in everyone. In Ipad there is no problem with the load of videos but in the flash version it seems that the buffering stoped the load of slides.

Example: i have a slide with a video (stopped at the start), when i press in the button to advanced next slide (without playing the video) the loading icon appears and i cannont press other buttons, this icon stays within minutes making the course slowly.

Any solution?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Juanjo,

Where are you viewing the Flash version that your experiencing difficulty? What type of videos are they? You'll see in this article a description of how Storyline loads videos, and there are some known delays with MP4 videos that causes a long delay while the whole video downloads, and if that's the case you can use this method here. 

Juanjo Haro

Hi, Ashley... the videos are in mp4 exported, h264 and ACC. 
I have created a new version wthere the videos are in their won slides and with autoplay on theres and now works a lot better.

Anyway, i will try that method, but when you insert an flv to the Articulate will converted to mp4 when publishing, not?