Bug in storyline: Triggers and conditions for custom Player Tabs

Feb 08, 2016

I added a custom tab (menu) to a course using Player Tabs in the Player Properties. I didn't want the menu to be displayed on the side of the player. I wanted this tab to inactive by default and become active once the learner reached a specific slide. I created a true/false variable (Menutab) and set it as 'false'. When the learner reached the desired slide, the value of the variable changed to 'true' and the menu tab became active. I published the course and tested it, everything worked fine.

I got some feedback on the course and went in to some make changes. I published after the changes were made and noticed that the condition attached to the trigger for the menu tab stopped working. I opened the player properties and figured out that the condition to check the value of the variable had disappeared. I added the condition again and re-published, everything started to work again.

I think Storyline has a bug in it that removes the conditions added to triggers in the Player Tabs once the course is saved and Storyline is closed. Can someone please confirm this?

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Nishant Gupta

Thanks for the info. If you want you can use the attached file and follow the steps to see the problem I am having.

1) Open the Storyline file and click the Player option in the ribbon.

2) Edit the properties of the 'Jump to Slide1' player and add the following condition - Jump to slide 1 when JumptoSlide1 is true.

3) Close the player properties and save the file. Publish and close Storyline.

4) Test published file. Jump to Slide 1 should be inactive until the learner reaches slide 3. On slide 3 the variable, JumptoSlide1, changes to true.

5) Open the Storyline file again and go Player properties.

6) Open the edit dialog box for the Jump to Slide 1 tab. The condition you placed on the trigger in Step 2 is no longer there. For some reason it has disappeared. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nishant,

Thanks for sharing your file with us here I took a look and was able to add the conditions (didn't see it on your file) and after previewing and going back into the player set up again, it was still there so everything is working fine on my end. I've attached an updated copy of your file here for you to take a look at, and let me know how that one works for you. Also, if Storyline is behaving oddly for you in general you may want to take a look at conducting the repair process outlined here. 

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