Bug sur l'utilisation des conditions dans un déclencheur


j'avais déjà eu ce cas dans Storyline 2, (je l'avais contourné en changeant de méthode) et je retrouve le même dans Storyline 3 aujourd'hui.

Pour simplifier le cas, j'ai deux boutons.

Quand je clique sur mon bouton 2, je veux aller à ma diapo A si le bouton 1 est à l'état Normal, et à la diapo B si mon bouton 1 est à l'état Visité.
J'ai codé les déclencheurs qui vont bien mais à chaque fois que je clique le bouton 2, quelque soit l'état de mon bouton 1, je me retrouve envoyé à la diapo A.

J'ai l'impression que Storyline n'aime pas avoir plusieurs déclencheurs avec des conditions différentes sur le même bouton.

Quelqu'un à déjà eu le cas et à une solution?

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Alyssa Gomez

I already had this case in Storyline 2, (I had bypassed it by changing method) and I find the same in Storyline 3 today.

To simplify the case, I have two buttons.

When I click on my button 2, I want to go to my slide A if button 1 is in the Normal state, and to slide B if my button 1 is in the Visited state.
I coded the triggers that go well but each time I click the button 2, whatever the state of my button 1, I find myself sent to the slide A.

I feel that Storyline does not like having multiple triggers with different conditions on the same button.

Someone already had the case and a solution?

Hello Benoit,

Do you have a sample file you can share here? That way, we can have a better idea of the triggers you used. 

You can click here and attach the file to a new thread comment. Look for the Add Attachment button.

Walt Hamilton

The built-in button states are like all of us - they all think they are normal. Under certain circumstances they report to the conditions that they are normal. (It makes some sense; visited is normal state with a different color overlaid on it.)

Try creating your own state with its own name, and see if that works.  The drawback is that you will no longer be able to rely on built-in triggers; you will have to create your own triggers to control the state of Button1.