buggy and glitchy

Feb 22, 2013

HI...I have been off in planning mode and not doing to much creativity...however i am now getting back into the swing of things and can't help but find that Storyline is acting very glitchy and buggy. Especially with text never before has it been so bad that the text significantly changes and the undo button is not functioning correctly. Has the last updated cause more issues then benefits??? Look forward to some clarification.


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Zara,

Sorry for the trouble you're having. I'm not sure if the problem you're having with the undo function is the same, however, we are aware of some issues with the "Undo" function. There's a pretty extensive discussion on that topic, here. We are working on resolving this, however, so hopefully we'll have updates for that thread and issue soon. 

Though the "Undo" problem is a known issue, maybe we can help with others if you can share a little more information about what's happening. 

Zara Ogden

Hi Christine, here is my issue...

When entering text the box is changing the way the text appears. When i go to work in a text box the font is smaller and then when i let go of the box it increases in size. I thought this was fixed.

Also when navigating and using the program it seems much more flickery then it used to be.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Zara,

Hmm. This sounds familiar. Are you viewing the course using anything other than 100% zoom, by any chance? I have seen issues where having the zoom set to anything above or below 100% can cause some flickering and font size issues. Can you check that and let me know if the issues continue?

If that doesn't change anything, you may also want to check your system's DPI. You can do so by following the steps in the article below:

Articulate Support - Storyline DPI 


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