Building a text list using variables

Jul 04, 2016

Hello all,

                  I'm looking for some help on building a shopping cart style list with Storyline 2. I have been able to have a variable of my choosing insert text into a text box. So that when I click on object A, Apple appears in the text box, when I click on object B, Orange shows in the text box, etc. However the issue is this will not build a list, instead it replaces the text each time a new object is clicked. So if I clicked Object A and then B I just have Orange in the text box list. I would like to have it show Apple then Orange just below it.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.  Mike

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Mike -- Thanks for reaching out here! Sorry to hear of your difficulties, but may I ask if you have a file already started that you might be able to share? That's typically the best way for your fellow community members to offer suggestions to assist. You may also want to consider reaching out in our design-related forum here, as well. 

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