States and Triggers logic....

Jun 12, 2014

Hi fellow Storyliners

I have 3 images on a slide with 3 text boxes.

Apple - state is normal - Apple text is normal

Pear  - state is disable - Pear text is hidden

Orange - state is disable - Orange text is hidden

The state of Pear is changed to normal when Apple state is changed to visited.

The state of Orange is changed to normal when Pear state is changed to visited.

When the user clicks on Pear - I want Apple and Orange text to be hidden and when the user clicks on Orange, I want Apple and Pear text to be hidden and when the user clicks on Apple, I want Pear and Orange text to be hidden.

In the end when all 3 fruits states are normal...if the user click on any one of them the corresponding text will display....

I been mucking around with triggers most of the day and still can not get it to work as I want....I would like not to have layers....

Confused yet, I am!....

thanks Tee.

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Christine Prescott

Hi Michael

Can I call on your knowledge again please.  If the user selects Apple - goes off and does the exercise for Apple and when they return to the slide with the Apple, Pear Orange images, the state of Apple would be visited and the state of Pear would be Normal. How can I have the correct Pear text display and the Apple and Orange text be hidden.

thanks Tee.

Robert Lengacher


Here's a Screenr that shows a different approach than Michael's that leverages the power of a button set. I like using a button set because it reduces the number of triggers that need to be added:

  • Add the 3 images to your slide
  • Highlight all 3 images, right click, hover over "Button set" in the menu, and click "Button set 1" under (none)
  • Now each image automatically has a normal and selected state.
  • On the first fruit image, double-click the Selected state then remove the glow and insert a text box below the fruit image with the the fruit name. Then click "Done Editing States." Now the normal state is just the image, and the selected state includes the image and the fruit name.
  • With the first fruit image selected, double-click the Format Painter in the Home ribbon, then click the pear and the orange. Now both of those have a Selected state with no glow and a text label that says "Apple." Double-click the Selected state of each to correctly position and edit the text label, then click "Done Editing States"
  • Change the Initial state of the Pear and Orange to hidden.
  • Add 2 triggers: Change the state of the Pear image to Normal when the user clicks the Apple image, and change the state of the Orange image when the user clicks the Orange image.

Here's the .story file too

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