Building Self-Assessment: Need help with variables

Feb 21, 2017

Hi Heroes! 

I need your help. I tried different things and nothing seems to bring what I wanted. Following is my wishlist. 

1. Each radio button has a value. The first one is 1 and the last one is 10. When a user selects the first button, it adds 1, but when a user changes a mind and selects the second  button, the result should be 2. But, now it shows 3. It shouldn't add values. 

2. I need to sum all numbers at the end and show a result corresponding the numbers. For examples, a range from 60-70 is a communication champion, and a range from 50-59 is "good but could be better." How do I add all numbers at the end? 

Thanks for your help! 

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Marc Lee

Hi, Emily,

I looked at your .story file.  To me, it looks like you could use the  assignment operator for each in pseudocode

So, on each survey question slide:

Q1 = 1 (or 2 or 3, etc) depending on which button is selected

Q2, same; Q3, same

Then you'd need to add a 'results' slide after all questions, and on that slide you'd do the'll need 7 triggers each adding one of the question values to 'sum.'

Adjust variable -- sum  -- Add -- Variable - Q1

Adjust Variable - sum -- Add -- Variable -- Q2

And so on for all 7 ....then, depending on the total for sum, you can assign one of the levels of feedback,  You'd need some additional trigger logic for that  on the results slide.


-Marc L

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