Built-In or Custom Menu

May 07, 2019

Hey everyone,

Just reaching out to the community to help me and my team with a decision we are trying to make regarding navigation. We currently control menu navigation using a custom menu with clickable objects. We have two topic levels (main menu and subtopic menus). We sometimes feel that it adds too much complexity in design and our developers tend to use many, many layers within each slide. We are also wanting to introduce at least one more level of subtopics but are worried it will add even more complexity. We are wondering what the pros and cons of using Storyline's built-in menu (classic player only) and am reaching out to the community for some suggestions and experiences with it.

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Blue Kearsley


The in-built menu allows the option to add or remove slides to the list (i.e. if using scenes, you can remove the scene name). But, this only allows you to add slides directly, rather than individual layers. Alternatively, you can create a custom menu within the slide master, where you can add slides/layers as needed. They can only be linked once the content is available. But would only need to be done once. This allows for greater control over the functionality, and the design of the menu itself. The in-built menu shows outside of your content, in a wrap of its own, whereas a custom menu, you can add anywhere within your slide/s. Hope this helps a little :)

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