Built in page numbers not showing when published

Feb 17, 2019

Hi there,

I've been using Articulate 360 for a while now and haven't seen this problem before.  I created page numbers, as always, with a shape and text box in the upper right hand corner.  Everything is turned on.  In preview mode it is there.  When published to web setting it is not, but as the course is running it can sometimes ghost in and out of the slide.

Any ideas what might be happening?

Thank you so very much.

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niomi rosenberg

It is happening on all slides.
So some slides have animations some don't. Some slides have videos, some
It is set to publish to web, HTML5 w/flash fallback. Also I reduced the
settings using the custom settings to help make the file a bit smaller,
[image: image.png]
[image: image.png]

I can't share the file as it has proprietary info for my client. but here
are some screen shots
[image: image.png]
[image: image.png]

Preview mode
[image: image.png]
[image: image.png]

Are these helpful for you?


Katie Riggio

Hi there, Niomi. Happy to help, too! 🙂

It looks like you may have replied by email in which the screenshots didn't come through. Could you click this link to re-open the conversation and use the Add Attachment button to include those attachments in your reply?

Also, since you're publishing for Web: Try testing the file in another Web Server environment like Tempshare to see if the course works correctly there. Simply drag the published zip output into the box, and Tempshare will do the rest. 

Looking forward to having a look!

Katie Riggio

Good morning, Niomi. No problem, and thanks for circling back with these handy attachments!

What you're experiencing looks very similar to a bug we're currently investigating in Storyline 360. Our team discovered that text spacing can change or disappear when there's a reference variable in the text box. 

Could you place the reference variable in a new text box to see if that solves the issue? Also, great question! You can publish your course to Review 360 to test how it looks on various devices and browsers.

I'll be here!

John Morley

Same problem with one of my projects, although I am so happy to finally have access to the slide numbers.

On an earlier project, and earlier publishing of a current project in Chrome, the numbers appear. But now they don't in Chrome, although they show in Internet Explorer and when I use Review 360. 

What's going on? Why would they show up in an earlier published version and not now?

John Morley

No flash. We publish only to html now.

However, just as mysteriously as the slide numbers disappeared, they are now back. I rebooted the computer trying to fix it earlier, so that is not it. But something knocked the numbers back in place. 

Although relieved to have them back, it is not reassuring to know they may again disappear for no known reason, and with no known remedy.

Vincent Scoma

Hey John, 

That does sound a bit odd. If you keep noticing this behavior, please let us know!

If this does continue to persist though, we will want to review your .story file for further troubleshooting. You can either share your file publicly to this thread or send it privately for our Support Engineers to review further. Either way, we will be sure to delete the file afterward. 

Please let us know if you have any additional questions! 

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