Button disabled state only disables function, not state change

Mar 02, 2014

Hi there all.

Just wondering if anyone has found a work around for this problem.

I have a button, with a "Visited" state that has a tick on it. The initial state of the button is disabled, and it is enabled with an off-screen object when the audio for the slide finishes.

However, even though the button is functionally disabled, the user can still click on it and the state will change to the "Visited" state before the audio has finished. This looks strange, can I prevent it somehow? i.e. When I want it disabled, I REALLY want it disabled.


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Michael Hinze

There must be something wrong with either your triggers or the buttons states (hard to tell without seeing the file). See attached a quick example of a button that starts out in the disabled state. While the audio is playing, the button can't be clicked. Once the audio completes, the button state is changed to Normal and when clicked changes to Visited.

Steve McAneney

Thanks Michael. My project is the same as your sample, except the audio is a swf inserted as a movie, and I have four buttons which trigger four layers.

The operation of the custom NEXT button on the slide is dependent on all four layer buttons having been visited.

Even though the four buttons are set to disabled, the mouse still changes to a hand when hovering and the visual state changes, although the trigger to display the layer is disabled.

If I get time I'll post a sample, but I'm really pushed for time just now. One workaround is having the button stop the media as well as trigger the new layer...

Steve McAneney


1) To stop the buttons changing states despite them being disabled, I clicked the "Reset States" button from editing states. I have no idea why the buttons started reacting like that, but I know why the "Reset States" button is there now.

2) And now for the stupid bit, there were about 30s of redundant time at the end of the timeline, so the states would have changed if I had waited long enough. I reduced the length of the time line back to match the length of the media and all works fine.

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