Managing multiple conditions for an object trigger

Jun 06, 2023

My slide's base layer has the player's "next" button disabled, and the 5 characters on the screen initially disabled.  I want users to (1) listen to the audio on the base layer in full before (2) the 5 characters change their state to "normal" so you can (3) select each one to open an associated layer, which when complete, returns users to the base layer to select one of the other 5 characters.  I don't want the player's next button to be "normal" again until you have heard the audio in full on the base layer and selected each of the 5 characters/read associated layers.  I added a trigger that says: change state of "next button (on player)" to "normal" when the state of character A is "visited" if the state of Character B is "visited," and the state of Character C is "visited," and the state of Character D is "visited," and the state of Character E is "visited." But for some reason, I can't add the Character C-E conditions or the trigger doesn't work.  I thought it had in the past.  The instructions here, as I understand them, say it should: Triggers in Storyline 360 - E-Learning Heroes (  Any ideas what I am doing incorrectly? 

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