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Jun 19, 2020

Hello everyone,

I am currently working on a course where each slide needs to be downloadable (I do hope this is a word :D) as an image format by the learner, should she/he chooses to...the option to generate an the slide-as-image needs to be there, no matter whether the learner uses it or not...it is similar to the Print results button as function, but the print results button is only generated for a results slide, not for a basic slide...so am a bit stuck here as well

Any suggestions on how I could do this?...is there the need for Java coding to be inserted as a trigger for a button?

Thank you to the community :)


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Training Department

Hi Sam, 

Thank you for the JavaScript :) 

I know about the publish option as a word/pdf file...but my mind was going into the direction of leaving it up to the learner to export which ever infographic she/he wants from within the course. I have a lot of instructions from the client and I found a way of putting them in Storyline under the form of infographics, but not all of them should/need to be exported...so this is why I was interested in having this option. 

I think I will have to take up Java coding soon :)

Have a great day ahead,


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