To print a slide of the published output of storyline

Mar 13, 2013


I was wondering, if there is a way to print the actual slide of the Storyline output.

My team and I have created Assessment with a Result's slide (as it is available in the templates). We have designed a certificate on this Results page, which gives us an option to review the assessment and print the result. What we observed is that the Print Result button displays the learner's performance (with all the details of the questions attempted) and not a Certificate as such. What we want the learner to print is the actual certificate that we have designed on the result's page. We don't want the learner to print the Print Result with all the question info.

Is there any way that we can do this? 

Please help soon.

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Ruth McElhone

Hi Divya,

i don't know if this is exactly what you are looking for ....

You can print a slide in Storyline. You need to to create a trigger to Execute javascript code.

Create a trigger like the one below and in the script write the following code...window.print()

However, this will print the slide AND the you may need to customise the slide properties.

Val Ceolin

I added this code, but it's not working well on the LMS. We are using IE 7, 8 and 9.

I am able to print out, but it's cutting off the page. Any ideas to solve this problem?

I reduced my certificate to the side where I can see the printed and after that my French version of the course is working. However, to the English version, even using the same story file and only changing the text to English, when I print the page, the certificate is being squeezed. :( 

I only need to know how to print one slide to have a perfect course. Could you help me, please?

Marcy Watzl

I'm looking for a way to do this as well, and I'm considering both this javascript method of printing the results slide as a certificate, (described above), and also, this slightly more complex method of publishing locally and edting the report.html file to look like a certificate (naturally, allowing the learner to print results). Described here: The question I have on this article, is that the video at the bottom explains how to publish locally for Articulate Online, unzip and modify the report file, then rezip it so it can be uploaded to Articulate Online. But how do you upload to Articulate Online without publishing directly there from within Storyline? Do you need to use an FTP program? If so, which do you recommend, and are there instructions somewhere for modifying the settings to publish to your own Articulate Online site?


Ladd Skelly

Any updates on this request? I am looking for the same solution. The print results solution doesn't work for us. It provides too much information. Besides, I notice that document doesn't display the answers properly for those quiz items I created from scratch. Anyway, we added a certificate-like design to the results page. I tried the Java print solutions mentioned previously. I would like to print out the screen, not the player for all browsers. Am I just dreaming?

Amanda Blakley

Have there been any updates on this issue? I too am running into this problem and have tried the workarounds above with no success. I simply need the user to be able to print the results saying "congratulations you have passed". I don't need the full breakdown of their correct and incorrect answers. I have adjusted the settings on the results slide and tried the javascript solution (although I need it to work on Firefox or Chrome which it currently doesn't). Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Amanda! I do not have an update to provide on this, but hopefully someone in the community will be able to chime in and help you on this.

You do have the option to print your results slide and the tutorial can be found here.

Allow user to print results: This adds a Print Results button to your result slide, which lets learners print out a summary of their results. To include the learner's name on the printed report, mark the corresponding box to Prompt the user for their name before printing.

Amanda Blakley

Thanks Leslie. Unfortunately the "Print results slide" feature provides too much information. I simply need it to say that they passed rather than the detailed info that is provided. The concern is that our users may not want to submit their record to a colleague if they have not achieved 100%.

Thanks for your help!

Wendy Farmer

Hi Amanda

perhaps you could have a custom Print button on the result slides that goes to another slide that you have customised with the information you want.

Happy to try and mock up a sample - what sort of information are you expecting to see on it and do you capture the learners name in the module?

Let me know.

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