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Jan 04, 2019

Hey Guys, I was wondering if it is possible to limit the button functionality to limited clicks.
I have a course divided in 6 chapters, how can I prevent the user of visiting the same chapter more than once?

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Fanny,

One way you can do this is to set up a series of variables on your first slide (e.g. Chapter1Complete, Chapter2Complete etc) and initially set each of these to False. At the end of each chapter, you have a button to return to the main menu, which also changes the appropriate variable to True at the same time.

When you set up the buttons in your menu, you allocate a condition to each button trigger that requires the appropriate variable to be False in order for the button to work. Once the user has completed Chapter 1, for example, and returned to the Main Menu, the Chapter1Complete variable will change from False to True and hence pressing the Chapter 1 button again in the menu will do nothing.

I have attached an example file with a six-chapter menu that will hopefully help you understand this process. In this example, the state of the menu button is also changed by the variable and this places a tick against any chapters that have been visited.

I hope this helps and makes sense, but don't hesitate to get back to me if you have any queries.

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