Button hidden to not hidden issues

Sep 05, 2012

I'd usually post the file but this concerns an entire course and it's too big to post.

(and of course, it's the last dagnabbit thing that needs to get done and it's the only piece that's not working)

Picture it:

A Main Menu slide with 11 buttons corresponding to 11 course sections.

As each section is completed, a variable is changed to TRUE.

That, in turn, changes the correlating buttons on the Main Menu to a custom state of "Completed."

Users have the option of just running through the program start to finish without revisiting the Main Menu or they can go back to the Main Menu and skip around. 

All that works.

You finish the last section, hit "next" and it sends you back to the Main Menu

Now, if they've done all 11 sections, I need them to go to an acknowledgment slide.  But I didn't want them to get to that slide until all 11 sections were completed.  And since they have the option to skip around, I can't just have it be the last slide. 

My solution:

To get there, I put a "FINISHED" button at the bottom of the Main Menu.

The button is set to be hidden when the timeline starts.

And here's the rub...

No matter what variables, or states or triggers I put in, in whatever order, I can't get that button to reappear once all 11 sections are completed.

I've tried to "Change state of FINISHED button to Normal" when:

State of all the buttons are "Complete."



Variable changes are all true


I tried both those option in different trigger orders (before the "hidden" trigger.  after the hidden trigger.)

If you've read all this, thanks.

If you can help, SUPER thanks!


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Jane James

Another option is to create a layer with the desired button, which appears only after all conditions are met - I'm quite fond of the following trigger:

Trigger wizard


Action: Show layer

Layer: (your final layer)

When: Variable changes 

The variable you would tag this to would ideally be a tracking variable which increases every time you finish a module. You could then add a condition (ie tracking variable > 11) to make sure that the layer doesn't show until everything is done. Hope this helps

Kevin Hart

Jamie, that was a flawless miniature recreation. 

Man oh man.  [slaps hand to forehead]  I found the problem thanks to Jamie.

The bigg'n I missed:  On the Change Finished button to Normal, I had the object as the button instead of the slide. 


All works now!

Jane, thanks for the idea.  I'll definitely use that one in the future.


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