Button hyperlinks functionality


I am stuck trying to figure out what makes the hyperlinks tick.

Since it turns out that regular hyperlinks are not accessible, I followed one of the forum suggestions to turn them into buttons. Some of my hyperlinks are internet pages and others are files (accessible PDF, accessible Excel and images) on my local drive.

When I publish the course and test it locally I get the following results:

  • Hyperlinks to Internet pages - The links are not mouse clickable, but tabbing to them works. Tab+Enter opens them up
  • Hyperlinks (on image) to enlarge images - Works with mouse and via tabbing
  • Selecting the "Exit the Course" button works with mouse and via tabbing.

However, when I test the course from the Dropbox I get the following results:

  • Hyperlinks to Internet pages - Neither mouse click nor tabbing works. I sometimes get a Warning message stating: "The hyperlinks feature on this slide has been disabled while viewing locally because your browser does not support it.
  • Hyperlinks (on image) to enlarge images - Neither mouse click nor tabbing works
  • I get the same Warning message when I select the Exit the Course button.

Do you have any suggestions?



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Katarina  Derek

Hi Leslie!

Thank you for responding so quickly.

I have published the course for the web delivery. Then I viewed it after clicking the "View Project" button. That's when most of the functionality worked. Then I moved the published course version to Dropbox and tested, but this time the mouse or keyboard navigation to the button hyperlinks did not work (i.e., I could not access the links).

I have followed the tutorials for inserting links, but when I had them in the text box they could not be accessed via the keyboard and JAWS did not read them. Then I changed them all to buttons with the Jump to triggers, but now I am getting different results.

I have just added text hyperlinks in combination with the button hyperlinks. Hopefully that will take care of the links to the internet pages.

The other two types of links I have are:

Small icons with the Jump to triggers to images on my drive. When the icon is selected a large image in a browser should pop up.

Button hyperlinks with the Jump to triggers to pdf, excel docs and images on my drive. When these buttons are selected the linked documents should open and large images in browser windows should pop up.

I have sent the course to the client to post and test, but I haven't gotten any answers yet. I will write back to let you know if they are having any issues with these buttons and links.