The initial state of a button and its related triggers

Dear all, 

I have a button. When user clicks on it, many triggers applies (variable and object triggers) and the state will be selected. Everything works perfectly until here.  

The problem is: when I try to set the initial state for this button as "selected", the related triggers don't apply.

Do you know how to run those triggers which related to this button when it is in the "selected" state if we want to have the initial state as "selected"

Thank you for your kind answers! 

Alexander Edelmann

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Susi B

Hi Alexander,

why don´t you simply change the states normal and selected? Or should nothing happen with the button, when the user clicks on it? If so, you could create a hotspot over the button and change the triggers accordingly (if user clicks hotspot ...).

I guess your triggers are used with "when state changes button to selected ..." Right?

Maybe you could share a slide if you still need help so we can have a look into your triggers. :)



Randy Hill

Alexander, I agree it would help to see a slide example of what you are trying to do. So the reason that the resulting triggers are not changing when the initial is set to selected is because I believe the triggers won't happen until there is an action. 

Maybe for those slides that you want to have the initial state as selected you can put a timeline trigger to be when timeline starts is button is selected. Again, without knowing why you are setting the initial state to selected it's hard to offer advice.