Button State with Sound

Aug 18, 2022

Hi Heroes:

I have toggle buttons that have a "click" sound (a "click" on the Normal state and a "click" on the Selected state). The problem is, when you enter the slide and the timeline starts, you hear the first "click" (presumably from the Normal state of the button).  Obviously I don't want the click sound to automatically play; only when you toggle the button.

So, I tried to circumvent this issue by creating a new state called "Initial" which has no sound attached to it.  I've set the button's "initial state" to "Initial".  And, this works (no sound plays when the timeline starts).

However, when you toggle the button, you only hear the click sound when the button is in its "selected" state.  But when you click it again, it seems that the button is bypassing its "normal" state and returning to its "initial" state (so no sound plays). 

Any thoughts?  I'm attaching the slide here so you can see what I'm talking about.  I'm sure it's easy but I feel like I'm overthinking this!  Thanks!


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Phil Mayor

You can make this easier, copy the sound and add to your slide master

Create a variable (call it audioClick make it a number variable)

Add a trigger on the slide master to play your audio when your a variable changes (audioClick)

On any object that you want the click add a trigger to add 1 to audioClick)

This will work on any button except thost=e that have a jump to next slide trigger

A.R. Chao

So what is the work around if it's for jump to another slide?

Also If i have multiple buttons that are supposed to use the SAME audio file, let's say when i click on button "Jump to Slide 3" because the trigger is "jump to slide 1.2" when audio 1 completes" and another trigger "Jump to slide 1.3 when" audio 1 completes" the sounds work but slide 3 button jumps to slide two because the trigger order is firing first for 1.2 - Ideas?