Button not changing states when variable reaches number

I am trying to limit quiz attempts and I am using a variable to limit the user to two attempts. The retry quiz button is supposed to disable when the button is clicked twice, but it's not disabling. I followed a tutorial on the articulate community and followed it exactly, however, it's not working. I can't attach the storyline file due to confidentiality. Thanks!

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Susi B

Hi Jacob,

which tutorial did you use to create this? Maybe it´s teh order of your trigger which blocks the action. Could you share a picture of your trigger or your quiz slides in a neutral dummy way with us so we could have a look at all your settings?

I did a limited quiz for someone else, maybe this helps. :)



Thanks Leslie! I found my issue. Not only the order of the triggers (which I didn't even know affected it) but my one trigger was to have the button become disabled when the user click on it instead of when the timeline started...so, it was probably being disabled when the user clicked on it, but it never was shown as disabled due to that lol