Button Set not working

Oct 15, 2013

Hi all,  I am experiencing issues with Button Set.  I've tried using buttons, and shapes.  It seems the first button works and take me to the new layer, but then I am unable to click the other buttons. 

I've used this method before with no trouble...  Is my SL being tempramental again?

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Natalie Van Doren


I ended up reinstalling storyline,  created a new slide in the same SL file, and it still didnt work.  I had to create a new SL file, and paste the re-created slide into the old SL file!  I checked all the settings mentioned above and it was all fine?

Got it working thank goodness... 

Can you tell me,  when you install the Trial version and then enter your serial,  is that the most current version of SL? I haven't had an update since May?

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