Button Sets in SL 360

Feb 02, 2018

I am a brand new Storyline 360 user. I have created Button Sets in SL2 for years but for some reason I cannot get them to work in 360.  Is there a change in the way Buttons Sets function in 360?

I have a slide where I created tabs at the bottom using a trapezoid shape. I have each of these shapes set up with a Normal state and a Selected state. I also have Triggers that open a different Slide Layer when clicking each "tab". 

When I preview the slide, everything works perfect-- the selected tab shows the Selected State and the correct Layer. However, when I publish the content, I can only click a single tab. After clicking one tab (it doesn't matter which one), NONE of the other tabs are able to be selected (The cursor returns to an arrow rather than the hand pointer.)

Again, I have used Button Sets for years in SL2 and have never had this happen before. I'm including some screenshots in PowerPoint to show how I have this set up.

  • Slide 1 - Shows the tab's states (Normal and Selected)
  • Slide 2 - Shows the tabs all selected, and Button Set is selected after right-clicking.
  • Slide 3 - Shows the triggers set up to display the layers when clicking each tab.
  • Slide 4 - Show how it looks in preview mode with the tab showing the Selected State and the correct layer displayed, and I am able to click each tab.

Do you see any issues in what I have set up that would allow it to work find in Preview mode but would prevent it from working correctly once published?

Thank you!



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Kimberly Lococo

Hi Wendy,

No, I do NOT have that option selected on any of the layers. I don't know when you would even use that option. I've never paid attention to that one before.

I just don't understand why my tabs work fine in Preview mode but don't work once published. I have never dealt with this before in my many years using Storyline. However, this is the first time I've used a button set since transitioning to SL360 and didn't know if something had changed with this version. 

Kimberly Lococo

Hi Wendy,

I trimmed this file down to just show the slide I'm having issues with, since i have company info on this course. You'll see it works correctly in Preview but not when published.

I need to find a solution as quickly as possible since my deadlines are to get this course for customer review are the end of this week. I've never ran into this issue with Button sets before.



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