Visited state on tabs - how to display that a learner has previously viewed a tab in SL2?

Jan 10, 2017

One of my screens has 13 tabs, each of which must be viewed by the learner before she can advance to the next slide.  

The tabs reside on the base layer. Clicking a tab reveals a layer that does not cover the tabs, so all tabs are active even when we are on a layer. I set up both "selected" and "visited" states for each tab.  

Clicking on tab 1 changes it to the "selected" state, but clicking on tab 2 does not change tab 1 to the "visited" state.  If I want to indicate that a tab has been viewed, should I use a state other than  "visited"?  All suggestions appreciated.


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Rebecca Kenyon

Thanks, everyone!

Leslie -

I've attached the slide. I changed the "visited" state to be the same format as the "selected" state but am not thrilled with the result.  

Pete -

My goal is to let the learner see which tabs she has already viewed, and if possible, prevent activation of the "next" button until all tabs are viewed.  Would a button set help me with that goal?  

Rebecca Kenyon

Peter - 

Thanks!  That helps with activating the "next" button when the learner views all the tabs.  I'm still having trouble with the button states, though.  The button does not show as "visited" until select another tab, then come back to the first one.  Possibly something to do with showing / hiding layers?  

Rebecca Kenyon

Hi Wendy - 

Unfortunately, in my first post, the selected and visited states are the same color. Look at the new attachment - "selected" is green, and "visited" is rust.  If you click tab 1, it turns green.  Now click tab 2: tab 2 should turn green and tab 1 should turn rust.  But tab 1 stays green until I click it again.  

Does that make sense?  

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