Next Button not moving to normal state

Nov 24, 2017

I have created a base layer which has five tabs.  Each tab has a slide layer (definitions) and then from this the learner clicks and moves to another slide layer (examples).  This is working fine (always returning to base layer).

My concern is that to ensure learners click onto all the layers I have created a trigger to change state of next button when state on all of tabs are visited.  (This wasn't enough as I needed the learner to click onto the next layer (examples) so I have tried to create "on condition of " each "x" on the example slide layer is visited.

When I get to my last slide layer (regardless which one) and click "x" (learner to click to go back to base layer), the next button does not go to normal.  Any suggestions of what I need to do? 

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Linda Lorenzetti

I've attached my reworked Storyline file.  I've made a true/false variable for each layer (tabs and examples) I adjusted the variable to true when the timeline starts on each layer. Then I changed the state of the NEXT button when all 12 variables equal true.

To avoid learner frustration, you might want to include something on the main slide that explains that they must view each tab and example before they can move on.

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