SL360: Tab interaction: First tab doesn't change to visited, until I click the second tab. Then it keeps showing normal state, when the others don't.

Sep 10, 2021


I have a tab interaction slide. It has three tabs on the base layer, and 3 layers (each with specific content to show for each tab). The base layer text provides the instructions to click the tabs. Each tab has 3 states: Normal, hover, and visited.  I have triggers that when the user clicks the tab, to show the respective layer.

The issue is, the first tab doesn't change to visted when clicked. It stays in "hover" color, until I mouse over the next tab (then first tab shows visited state). When I click the second tab, it stays in hover until I mouse off, and same with third. Now all three have been visited. BUT, when I click back on the first tab, it goes back to normal state, but none of the other two do that. They will stay in visited state. Argh! What am I doing wrong?

What I want to have happen is: Tab 1 is clicked and immediately changes to visited. Tab 2 is clicked, and immediately change to visited. Tab 3 is clicked and immediately change to visited. If I go back to tab 1, I don't want to see normal. It's been visited, so it should stay in visited state.

I also have created a button set for the three tabs, as I only want one button active at a time.

Side note: I have a trigger set to disable the next button when timeline starts, and another trigger, that when all tabs are visited, change the state of next to normal. 

Thank you for your help.

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Walt Hamilton

The only thing I can think of without seeing it is that you have created triggers of your own to change the states. Those built-in states take great offense at you trying to take over their jobs that way, and respond poorly. Either use the built-in actions, or if you feel you have to create your own triggers, use names for the states that are different than the built-in names.

If that's not the problem, attach your file here, and I'll bet someone can take a look at what's wrong.

Michelle Corby

I have a similar problem.

I have a set of buttons, the first one is in a normal state - when it has been clicked and changed to visited the second buttons appears, based on the visited state of the first button.

This was working fine, and still does for the first button. However now the second button won't change state to visited when clicked, which also stops the next button appearing.  There are no extra triggers in the file to change state (I was relying on the built in triggers for normal/hidden/visited etc).

Could it have something to do with the initial state being hidden?