Button state not changing to normal

Oct 08, 2020

Hi all, 

I have a page where I have set a trigger that when a button set is all visited, a Hidden close button changes state to Normal. However, when all the buttons are clicked and show as visited, the button state doesn't seem to be changing. 

I've attached the slide below. To see what's happening click the first button to see the problem layer and then click all three green boxes. Visited state for the boxes changes to show a checkmark and the Close button should change state to Normal. 

Any guidance would be appreciated. 


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Garth Yorko

The state change to the built in Visited state isn't being recognized.  I solved the problem by duplicating the Visited state and making a custom state called Complete.  

I added a trigger to change the state to Complete when the learner clicks each respective rectangle.

This state change needs to occur before the trigger to show the state change of the text box.

I changed the trigger for rectangle 2, 3, and 4 to change the state of the Close button to normal when the state of all 3 rectangles = Complete

I adjusted your trigger to hide the layer to happen when the learner clicks the Close button.

See it in action here:


The file is attached.

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