Button state won't switch to "Visited" BUT the other ones on the slide will.... Wut?!

So to provide some context here, I have a landing "Menu" slide. I have 5 buttons on the bottom of the slide. Each button is programmed to go to a different scene, where I have more slides with the last slide of each scene navigating back to the menu slide which is configured for a "return to save state". After the button is changed to "Visited" it is supposed to display a layer to show that they have indeed been visited. The only problem is, the first button (from left to right) won't change it's state. I even created a trigger for it's state to explicitly be changed in order to provide a safe fail-over in order to account for the missed state change from the user clicking the button.

I need all 5 buttons to have a "Visited" state in order to unlock another layer that unlocks the test forwarding button.. So this is an issue.

I haven't tested to see if the state IS in fact changing but just failing to display the layer it is supposed to, so I will do that now and will update this post with the results of that test.


EDIT: So the test button layer (the unlocking one at the very end DOES in fact display. So I guess this is a failure of the software to accommodate the display of the layer? The triggers all match the others, so there is nothing visibly different with the first button as compared to the other 4.

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Michael Dzien

So I managed to fix this issue. I think it had something to do with the button after the fix was applied to every other button as well.

I had to fully delete the mappings AND the button itself, along with the trigger layer. Then copied a working button over and change everything to match what the previous button was. Now everything works.

Figured I'd share my problem, progress, and solution in hopes that if any of you encounter this, it will be a simple search and you have it!