Change State Trigger does not work on slide layers

Dec 05, 2019

There is confusion on how to setup slide layers in order to change state of the Next Button on the base layer.  We can't get the base layer to change the state of the Next button once each "tab" is visited. Is the next/back button supposed to be just on the base layer (if a custom next/back button), or are they supposed to be on all 4 slide layers, for example. 

How is this supposed to be done so that when all 4 are "all visited" or they are all "clicked on", the next button will show visible?

Thank you.

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Steve Hazelton

Add a condition to the Next button trigger to become visible only when each layer has been visited. You could do that based on clicking on the tabs but you would need an "if" for each tab on each layer since you aren't requiring a specific order. A trick I sometimes use is to put a shape off-screen on each layer and add a trigger to change the state of the shape to Visited when the timeline starts. Then your Next button condition is just "Layer 1 Shape is Visited and Layer 2 Shape is visited . . ."

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