Visiting Layers via Clicks Predecessor to Moving Forward

Nov 14, 2019

I have 4 images on my base layer linked to individual layers on a slide.  I have triggered each image to show the proper layer and when clicked on, change the state of the image to visited.  Each layer also has a button that hides the layer.  When all 4 layers are visited, a NEXT button is supposed to appear granting the user access to move forward in the course.  The button in question is hidden at the start of the slide.  Each layer have individual audio and video components.  After visiting each layer and returning to the base slide, my NEXT button doesn't change state to normal.  I have a trigger attached to it that mandates all 4 items must be visited, but I want the user can go back to the base layer at any time.  (which eliminates the pause and resume method). So, with all my triggers and settings appearing to be correct, what am I missing?  I have hundreds of slides (with corresponding layers) already designed with this methodology, and I really don't want to change it.  Please help.  What am I doing wrong?

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Douglas Titus

Change state of -> Button 1 -> to state Normal -> when State -> on all of pics 1,2,3,4 -> are Visited.

Each pic has triggers to take them to layers when user clicks and an additional trigger of...

Action Change state of -> on object Pic -> to state Visited -> when User Clicks -> Object Pic


image of trigger pane attached

Lauren Connelly

Hi Douglas!

You've included great details! It looks like the one trigger you're missing is for the timeline itself. This is a quick fix!

Can you try adding this trigger?

If this doesn't do the trick, would you mind sharing your file with us? You can do so by using the "add attachment" button in this discussion. Or you can share the file privately with our Support Engineers by using this link.

Douglas Titus

Thank you for your help so far.  There's still something not working here. One thing I noticed that I forgot to mention is that I have the player controls for next and previous turned off and I am relying on my inserted next button popping up on screen when I want it to for the user to move forward. I've attached a sample file.  hopefully we can figure out why I am just not getting it to work right.

Randy Hill

Thanks for sending this Douglas. So first things first, when you use the built in button states, you do not need to tell the button to change to that state, it will change on it's own. So no need to tell the button to change to visited. You can hide the custom next button at the beginning of the slide by using the initial state drop down under states tab. 

The reason your next button is not showing is two fold, first, the change next to normal trigger on timeline start has the object as the next button itself when it should be the timeline. On timeline start the object is the timeline. So changing that is step one. Secondly, some browsers are just finicky, so on top of the change next button to normal on timeline start, I like to add change the next button to normal when STATE of ... trigger as well. Then you are covered especially when returning to the slide. Here is the example fixed.

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