Slide Layers and Button States

Jun 05, 2013


I have a timeline with three buttons. I have created my slide layers with assets and have the buttons connected to the layers. After each button starts plays a slide layer, I'd like that layer to hide and the button to show an image and that it has been visited. I've created this visited state for the button, but am having a hard time triggering the base layer to know that the media has ended on one of the slide layers and now the button should be in visited state.

After a layer has been viewed, how do I tell the button on the base layer to change state?

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Mike Enders


You'll definitely need something to trigger the state change on the button.  The trigger will actually be on the layer itself (telling the button on the base layer to change it's state when media completes (if it's a movie). I've attached a sample using video. If you're using images, then it would have to trigger when timeline for the layer ends (or user clicks on picture, or some such behavior).  In my sample, I also added  a close layer trigger, but it's not all all necessary.


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