Direct user to base layer after required interaction?

May 06, 2021

I have a slide with 4 buttons. Each button shows a layer. Each layer has it's own button to go back to the base layer.

I have the next button (base) hidden until all 4 button states are "visited".

When the 4th button is visited, the next button appears...on that particular layer. I want the user to be taken back to the base layer after that 4th button is visited and for the next button to appear there, rather than on one of the other layers.

Can this be done? 

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John Alvin Apaya

Hi Sherri! 

Here's what you can try:

1. Create the "Next" button on your base later then change the button's initial state to "Hidden".

2. Then place a trigger on your "Next" button when the state of all 4 buttons is visited.

3. Set a trigger on the 4th button to hide the four layers when it is clicked. 

I attached a sample project so you can see how I tried these. I hope this helps! 

Shantel Zahn

Hi John, appreciate the time you took with your response!

I followed your directions and so far, two issues:

1. I have my continue button set to hide when the timeline starts but you will see it "flash" when the timeline starts. Is there a way around that?

2. The continue button won't show after all layers have been visited. :(

I stripped the content from my slide and attached it. The yellow boxes are the 4 buttons that must be clicked.

John Alvin Apaya

Thanks for sharing a sample! I've uploaded a modified version of the sample on this reply. 

Here's what I did:

1. Set the Cont_btn initial state to "Hidden".

2. Delete or disable the following triggers:

I had to delete the slide triggers because the initial state of the Cont_btn was already set to "Hidden".

Hope this helps!