button states not matching normal.

Jan 23, 2020

Hi all, can anyone tell me if I'm doing something wrong here. We do lots of copying and pasting of slides from one project to another, and sometimes it means we have to resize stuff like buttons to best match. These are inbuilt buttons such as 'continue' on a correct layer for a question. 

My problem is that if I resize the button, all of the states on it don't follow the resize... say it's 10x20 and I resize to 20x30... all the states are staying at 10x20... so I have to go in and change ALL of the states for that button... and with three buttons to a question, and ten questions in this quiz... that's a LOT of changes. It's not confined to buttons either, so on a multichoice question for example, the indivdual answer text boxes dont all change if I adjust the size of the box, and I have to go in and change those.... I've added an MP4 to show you what I mean. Am I doing this all wrong? What's going on? any help would be appreciated.

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