Buttons aren't "clickable"

Hi everyone!  

I've copied a slide from a previous course and made some modifications to text.  There are 4 buttons on the bottom of the slide that have triggers to show a certain layer when the user clicks it.  For some reason, they won't let me click on them. The mouse stays an arrow (not the little grabby hand). Nothing happens when I try to click on them.  

When I look at the original course that I copied this slide from, everything works fine.  

Any ideas of what could be happening?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Bronwyn

the buttons are on the base layer and the first trigger is to show the first layer as soon as the base layer timeline starts, so the Common Breaches layer is displaying but the buttons are not showing through from the base layer to each layer to be able to click on them and there is no hide layer trigger or close layer button to return to the base layer.

There also seems to be a few triggers that you might not need - like on the Breaches layer you are changing state to Disabled when timeline starts and also to Normal when timeline starts so not sure why you would do that.