Buttons on master layouts

Hello everyone! i hope you can help me with this: we´ve been trying out the use of templates and master. We have set a slide layout in the master with three buttons. If i add a trigger to those buttons in the master, will every slide of my project have that same trigger added? Or should I add the buttons on the slide but not in the master?

Thanks for your help!

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Michael Hinze

Maybe I'm missing something, but I'm not sure why you would want to use buttons on a master to show layers on an individual slide. Objects on a master are typically used to provide access to common items, for example a menu that sits on a layer on the master. For showing layers on a content slide, you can just add triggers on that specific slide. 

Michael Hinze

Correct, you cannot refer to masterslide objects in triggers on a content slide. Maybe the attached example illustrates what I was trying to say originally. The one blue button at the bottom of each slide sits on the master. You can click it on any slide, the trigger connected to that button also resides on the master. The orange button on slide two show an example to trigger elements, e.g. a layer from this content slide by changing the value of a variable. The variable change in turn triggers an action on the master. Hope that makes sense.