Calculate Survey Results and Show in next slide

Sep 10, 2012

I have created my first survey and would like to show the current learner the results of how all participants have answered the survey with a results slide.  This is a simple yes / no or choose one of two multiple choice.

Is it possible for Storyline to create a count and then show a percentage of how respondents have answered?

Can Storyline at least track how the participants have answered the survery so I could always hard coat the results slide?

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Kevin Croteau

Super Hero Phil, thank you very much for your advice above.  

I created objects and basically followed the below tutorial.  I try to research and NOT just post if the answer probably exists.  I would still like to convert my two counters into percentages with a formula or conditional statement if possible.  The counter results aren't very interpretable and if the sample # of respondents is low the % looks better and more professional.

Now trying to add a hover state to my hot spot so that user knows to click.

Thanks again.

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