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Mar 19, 2013

When editing a cumulative results slide (results-of-results for multiple 'mini quizzes'), I see two drop down options:

  • Calculate results for Selected Questions
  • Calculate results for Selected Results Slides

I've been having some issues with the "Selected Results Slides" feeding completion information back to my LMS, so I decided to try the "Selected Questions" option.  For both, I selected all three of my mini quizzes to be included.

Can anyone explain the difference between the "Selected Questions" and "Selected Results Slides" options?  What would be the advantage of using one over the other?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Sara,

  • Selected Questions:  This option allows you to choose the individual question slides or question draws you want Storyline to use when tabulating results.
  • Selected Results Slides:  This option allows you to combine more than one result slide into a single cumulative result.

So, if you use the first option, the results you'll see should be for individual questions, while the second will be combined.

I hope this makes sense

If you're still having trouble with this, can you tell me what issues you were having with the completion information on the LMS?


Sara Brondsema

The problem is when a user exits and resumes the course, they are never able to get marked as "Completed," even if they pass all of the mini quizzes with 100%.  Both my LMS and SCORM Cloud are reporting the score at 100% and the Completion Status as "Incomplete."  I have been working with Articulate support on this, and they informed me this morning that there is no workaround for my issue.

However, on my cumulative results slide, when I selected the "Calculate Results for Selected Questions" (instead of "Selected Results Slide") and checked all three mini-quiz question banks, it seems I'm able to work around this issue...but I don't really understand what I've done.

I just don't fully understand how these two options are different when all three question banks are included/selected for each option.

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