Putting a Timer on Only Some Slides

Oct 28, 2020

How can I put a time limit only a small portion (10 of 100) of slides? I have a mini series of questions (knowledge  check) in the middle of my storyline that needs a 2-minute time limit. None of the rest of my storyline needs a time limit. 

To try to fix this, I set a results slide for just that mini set of questions and added a timed quiz, but I can only find options for that timer to pertain to the entire storyline even though the results slide is only set to the 10 slides. 

Is there a way to do this? Thanks! 

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Math Notermans

Yep there is. Another discussion asked something similar. A custom timer is the solution. Especially counting down timers are numerous to find in the forum...

If you want a timer counting up in minutes and/or seconds your options are limited.
In this post several options for that are posted...

This are 2 of the options mentioned...
Do read the post mentioned above to know the benefits and disadvantages of both...

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