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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi John,

It'll show you that as one of the publishing pieces of information - but it's just calculated based on slide timelines so it does not take into account layers, web objects, etc. 

For a word count, you could look at exporting the translation document as that will give you a word file that you could then do the Word count on the one column? 

john faulkes

Thanks Ashley - is your screenshot from a dialog box in SL 3? I am using SL 2 at present. When I get to that 'reporting and tracking' dialog box, it's not the same as your screenshot. You seem to have a drop-down field with 'calculate automatically' selected, then a field showing the result.

I just see a 'version' field containing '1' (which doesn't seem related?) and a 'duration' field, that is empty.

if you can help further, that would be helpful


Ann Dyellig

Hi Ashley (or whoever picks this up) -- this is an old conversation, but relevant to my question. I'm using Storyline 360. My SME asked how long the module would be. Publish/LMS/Project Info (3 dots next to title) tells me when Calculated Automatically, the Duration is 31 minutes. When I add up all the audio files in the module, it's 17 minutes (this includes audio on layers and also videos). What accounts for the difference?