Calculator with more than 2 decimal places

Sep 14, 2016


I need to create a course that has an embedded calculator within the slide. I've made some adaptions to the look and feel of (really clever - thanks!) but I need it to be able to display more than 2 decimal points. Does anyone have any ideas about how to do this?

Any help or advice is much appreciated.



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Ali Goulet

Hi Anna- Thanks a bunch for taking the time to reach out here. I'll have to defer to the community for ideas on how to accomplish this. I do recommend also reaching out in our Building Better Courses forum and sharing your .story file so others can see your current setup and weigh in based on that. Our building better courses forum is a fantastic melting pot of great design ideas and tips as well as folks with a wealth of instructional design knowledge and expertise. Good luck with your course! :)

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