Can anyone suggest a good tutorial on variables with some practical examples?

Aug 25, 2020

I have watched some tutorials already on how variables work but they lack how to apply the SL3 feature. Can anyone suggest some totorials that do so?

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Brian Allen

One of the best ways for me to learn is to deconstruct a project, see how it works, then try to recreate it. This is a great way to learn because there are usually multiple ways to accomplish something in Storyline, and you'll be able to explore multiple ways to do something.

The eLearning Challenges are a great place to find these examples, and many of the entries include the source Storyline file for you to download and work with.

Check out the "recap" link for these three challenges, and you should be able to search and find more...

Using True/False Variables in E-Learning #271

Using Text Variables to Capture and Display Learner's Name #222 

Creating Dynamic E-Learning with Random Number Variables #278

Hope this helps,


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