Can custom variables be reported to an LMS via JavaScript?

Mar 25, 2019

Hi all.

I'm working on a confidence based assessment and need the following variables to be reported to an LMS:

  • All questions.
  • All answers selected by the user.
  • Whether the answer they selected was correct or incorrect.
  • The final 'knowledge' score.
  • The final 'confidence' score.
  • The final 'combined' score as a percentage.
  • Whether they passed or failed.

To get the passed or failed status reported back I can't have the tracking based on the quiz results slide because this overwrites my custom passing score, which is based on the combined score, not the built-in score for the quiz slides.

This means that I need to find a way to report all of the data via Javascript, as using the 'hidden' survey slide technique requires the tracking to be set to track by a quiz results slide.

Is this possible? I know how to report the final score and a passed or failed status, but don't know how I'd report questions and answers. I've done lots of Google searches, but have only found how to set scores and statuses.


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Tom W

Hi Leslie.

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately I can't use that technique, as it needs the tracking to be based on a quiz results slide. This means the custom passed/failed status being written by the JavaScript code gets overwritten by the built-in passed/failed status. That's fine for standard quizzing, but in this case my passed/failed status is based on a more complex confidence-based scoring system which can't be picked up by the built-in scoring system.

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