can i control color of "Resume" panel?

Is there anyway to control the color, shades of the "resume" panel in Storyline. (you know, when you come back and it asks if you want to resume where you were or start at the beginning). In Studio 09, it was a clean white and black type, but in Storyline, it looks to be a faint gray background with white type. I can barely tell what it says.

have I accidentally done something to make it look this way?


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David Burton


The resume dialog colors are linked to the base player colors. To quickly see this change try the following.

1. Select the Player Button from the Home Tab to open the Player Properties editor.

2. Select the Color & Effects button then select a different color scheme from the Color scheme drop-down.

More on color schemes and advanced color editing is outlined at the following link.

I hope this helps!