Can I control the animation timing of Bullets within a paragraph?

I want to synchronize the appearance of Bullets according to the tutorial narration.

Is there a way to time all the Bullets separately, without turning them into separate items?
(Selecting "by firth level pharagraph" enables the bullets to appear one after the other, but not according to the timing of the narration I need).



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Antony Snow

Hi Shevi,

When you select "By first level paragraph", this creates a seperate object on the timelime for each bullet or paragraph (there will be an arrow head pointing to the right on the far left of the text box or object the bullets are within). If you click on this arrow head, the timeline will expand to show you each individual bullet, which you can then move along your timeline to the position you want them to appear at.

This tutorial also explains how you can synchronise this to your audio.

Is this what you are wanting?